What Apple Cafe is about

Kennington is a village blessed with a positive community spirit and a broad range of local facilities. However, in this long linear village, the village lacks a central place where residents of all ages can simply meet together and relax. Our vision is that the community café will offer Kennington residents a central meeting location that provides a friendly and welcoming atmosphere in which to relax, chat, work, think and play.

What is the café for?

The community spirit in Kennington is strong, but a key purpose for the community café is to offer the space for residents to engage with each other. It is a central location for socialising with friends and relatives, and making new friends. It actively seeks to support local clubs and groups to engage in their passions together in a convivial atmosphere. It enables others to reach out into the community, such as hosting exhibitions from local artists and providing a location for support groups. And we want it to become a window to the wider world around us, enabling Kennington residents to engage in world issues.

Who is in the core management group?

The members of the core management group are Helen Morse, Jane Hull, Lisa Scott-Russell, Liz Burton, Martin Morse and Sophia Lewis.

What about the community?

We want it to be a café run by the community and for the community. As we develop the vision, we will engage the community at all stages – sourcing locally produced food where possible, developing the premises using local builders and contractors, and working alongside volunteers. There are many ways to get involved—please do get in touch if you are interested.

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